Domaine Hubert Lignie酿酒师Romain Lignie逝世
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勃艮第Domaine Hubert Lignier一位年青有为的酿酒师Romain Lignier在7月22日死于脑癌,享年34岁

Promising young winemaker Romain Lignier, of Domaine Hubert Lignier in Burgundy, died July 22 of brain cancer. He was 34.

Lignier began working with his father, Hubert, as a teenager, gradually becoming the principal at the family's estate in Morey-St.-Denis. By 1991, he was solely responsible for the domaine's wines, made from 20 acres of vines located in the communes of Gevrey-Chambertin, Morey-St.-Denis and Chambolle-Musigny. He bottled wines from 13 appellations, including the grand cru Clos de la Roche.

Lignier's wines showed youthful power; they were clean and precise, but less modern, silky and woody than those of many young experimental winemakers, because he used no more than 50 percent new oak and limited the pre-fermentation cold soak to about five days. During fermentation, he continued the old tradition of jumping into the vats, using his legs and body to break up the cap of solids on the surface.

"I taught him how to do it and he continued it," his father said. "It's a tough job but very efficient."

Veteran winemaker Jacques Seysses, of Domaine Dujac in Morey-St.-Denis, had known Lignier since he took his first steps. "He was joyful, he loved biking, and he caught the passion for wine and ran with a crowd of talented winemakers," Seysses said. "We were neighbors. He was a musician, and I heard him play the trumpet at the end of the harvest meal each year. I know that for years to come I will await the sound of his trumpet."

Besides playing in a local band in Gevrey-Chambertin, Lignier was a cyclist and piloted blind people at the Tandem Club Dijonnais, a biking club. "He was always willing to lend a hand," said childhood friend and Morey winemaker Frédéric Magnien. "He had a tremendous joie de vivre."

Lignier fell ill just after completing the 2003 harvest and was operated on in September, said his father. Over the past several months, other vignerons in the area pitched in to help the Lignier family with winery chores. Hubert Lignier plans to resume leading the estate for the foreseeable future.

Lignier is also survived by his mother, Françoise; his wife, Kellen; two children, Lucie and Auguste; his brother, Laurent, and his sister, Maryse.



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